How to make a "circle-scarf"

Greetings from Finland! This scarf is easy to do and it looks just like it was bought in a store! Fabric sellers usually have left-over pieces of nice fabrics that they sell cheap by the pound.

I chose this leopardy-type print. Almost any kind of fabric will do, but non-strechy ones are easier to sew.

Fit the fabric around your neck (2 loops) and cut a piece out if it's too big and fluffy and/or long.

Fold the fabric along the longer edge. It's important to have the adverse side up and the right side folded in!! Insert pins to hold it in place.

Sew the longer edge with a seamer or a regular sewing machine to create a long tube.

Then turn the tube inside out so that the right side comes on top :)

Then comes the tricky part: to sew the ends together. Take both ends and attach them with pins like this with their seams together so that the right side is again in the middle and the adverse on top.

Do the whole round with pins until the fabric becomes too twisted to add any more pins. It should look something like this. Then sew the pinned part carefully.

Scarf almost done! Exept for the gaping hole that's left. This you can fold like in the picture, add pins and sew either by hand or sewing machine. The seam will be basically hidden so don't fuss :)

It's likely that the two ends are not exactly the same width. You can tackle the problem by making a neat fold from the excess length before sewing. This way it will hide in the scarf when worn.

Readyyyy!!!! Enjoy :)

Watch the video: How to easily make a circle scarf! (January 2022).