How to make easy nutter butter kiss acorns


Prep! Nutter butters in a bowl for quality control. You know flipped ones, broken ones, they still taste good!

Unwrapped Hersey kisses. I picked up a variety since it's holiday season :)

Chips in a bowl for easy grabbing

Icing in a can. Perfect for this little endeavor.

Put a little on the kiss and dab your chocolate chip in it so you can attach it to the nutter butter.

Attached chip on cookie.

Make a lot of them then attach to Hershey kiss.

Finished acorns in holiday fashion!

Put them in the fridge so they will stay together better.

Little bowl of tasty acorns :)

Watch the video: How To Make Delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Acorns. Southern Living (December 2021).