How to make a christmas tree card

I used A5 drawing block, it makes good card stock.

Tear out a piece of drawing block, and fold into half. Rub the creases down with a ruler. Fold over to the other side and repeat to get neater creases.

I used this tree template I found on Google, since I can't draw for nuts. If you are good at drawing, you can draw a tree directly on your green paper.

In case you are wondering, these are the dimensions I used for printing out the tree. The other dimensions were too big.

Cut the green paper using the template. Or if you wish, you could have a white Christmas or red Christmas as well...

Cut a strip of coloured paper so that it fits the entire width of the card. You can do so by measuring the exact length of the width. Glue down.

Trim off any unsightly edges.

Glue down the Christmas tree.

Time to decorate the tree! Hole punch the coloured paper to add ornaments to the tree. Glue down.

Alternatively, you could use mini buttons (with flat backings), or mini brads.

I had a star ribbon, so I cut off a star and glued it to the top of the tree. You could paper punch a star out, or use other shapes like an angel!

The next part is optional. You could write your message such as "Season's greetings", or use some alphabet stickers/blocks like I have. I added a scrapbooking sticker that I had.

Finished product!

Using a similar concept, this is another card I made. More card guides available on my profile!

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