How to make a plant self-watering for vacation system

Remove labels from the recipient.

Wash it.

Cut a wide and long piece of fabric.

Cut one end into the shape of a triangle.

Draw lines to divide the fabric in 6 stripes. (We have 6 plants to water)

Cut through the pattern without cutring them off.

Select the right spot to place your container. Make sure it is high enough for gravity to work and centered.

Place it and secure it as shown with the duct tape, the drill and the screws. Make sure you dont drill into the container.

Press the button to open the valve.

Insert the tip of the triangle in the valve.

Make sure it hangs securely and that the valve is closed.

Grab each strip and bury it a lil into the soil of each pot.

You should have a strip going into each one and as straight as possible.

Fill your container with water.

Now your plant is getting the water it needs!

Make some tests to see how long the water lasts before you go on vacation, it may vary because of the size of the container , the number of strips and the fabric. I hope it helps!

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