How to make pie crust part 2 (the rolling)

Your pie crust should be very chilled. Leave enough time to let it sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours. The longer it sits, the easier your life will be. Trust me on this. Do not skip this step.

On your large board (or very clean counter) sprinkle flour out. About a tablespoon should do the trick. Then rub the flour around so that you have an even coat and no clumps.

Next get the dough from the fridge and begin to roll. Start in the middle of the ball of dough and work your way out.

Troubleshooting. 1: Your dough keeps sticking to your rolling pin. To fix this: just sprinkle a bit of flour onto the dough.

2: Your dough is crumbling when rolling. This means you either didn't let it chill enough or it's too dry. Put back in the fridge for another hour (Do not rush in the freezer) or sprinkle water on it.

Continue to roll the dough working from left to right and from top to bottom until the crust is about an 1/8th of an inch thick. And until it extends past the edges of the inverted pie plate.

Occasionally, you don't put quite enough flour on the board and your dough is stuck to it. When this happens get a metal spatula and slowly separate the dough from the board.

The next part can be tricky. Once you loosen the dough from the board, loosely wrap it around the rolling pin. Then transfer to the pie plate unrolling as you go.

Once in the pie plate, trim the excess to the rim of the plate and fold the ~quarter inch of crust under the rest of the crust.

Fill with topping of your choice, then roll out the top just like you would the bottom and roll over the filling and pinch the two crusts together. And make sure to cut slits into the top crust!

Watch the video: How to Roll Out Pastry Dough (January 2022).