How to make a memorable gift

Cut a cardboard according to your frame size, will use this for the background

I choose cardboard with flower emboss on it to give little details

This is how it looks like with the frame (insert the cardboard inside the frame)

I collect those seashell from beach from my previous trip in Puerto Princessa wih him, i still remember the excitement when collecting those from the beach ^^

There are variety of shape n texture, lay it out onto the frame glass, ( make sure u clean the seashell till clean) arrange it till u satisfy with the look

Glue it one by one to your layout

I choose the big seashell on the left corner so i can write message for him (it s for his bday btw)

This is how it looks like after gluing (keep it overnight to let the glue dry properly). keep the seashell in its original color to refresh the memory

Add your photo, this photo was taken at the beach we collected the seashell ^^ remember the photo has to be smaller than your frame to b able to fit it in

Lastly wrap that for him and add little ribbon ^^ whenever i saw this photo it s kinda bring me back to those good memories ^^ have fun !! And create yours!!!

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