How to cook pumpkin fritters!

We CannoT ReaD our Mom's writing:? wha wha?!! haha! so we changed iT a lil.. keep following pls..

So the sister and her hubby TooK the Pumpkin.. They CuT iT up and Cleaned iT ouT! Then Place the pieces on a baking sheet..

BAKE at 350 degrees for 1 hour in a baking pan. (Side Bar: Another Way: You can keep it moist by placing the pumpkin halves in a baking dish, add 1/2" water to the pan! .. gonna do this next time)

After an hour, pierce the skin with a fork. You can scoop out the pumpkin or just peel the skin.


Mom did the mashing in the blender = Pumpkin Puree


Mom combined all dry ingredients: 1/2 c. flour, 4 TBS sugar, 2 tsp baking powder,1 tsp apple pie spice and 1/2 tsp salt..Then add egg then 15 oz. pumpkin puree. (do not add black pepper.. see comment)

(Side Bar: Another Way: Combine dry ingredients in a bowl, stir together. In another bowl, Whisk Egg then Blend Pumpkin Puree until combined. Add Flour Mixture to Pumpkin Mixture)

Drop batter.. CareFuL iTs HoT!!!

Using a Slotted Spoon, Transfer Fritters to a paper towel. To TEST DONENESS, PRESS LIGHTLY; Fritters should spring back. (Deflate slightly as they cooL)

May be served with cinnamon-sugar, ice cream or by itself:) Enjoy ya'oL!

We LoVe PUMPKINS!! (got this on google images)

Watch the video: Pumpkin Fritters by Uncle Clyde in Paramin, Trinidad u0026 Tobago. In De Kitchen (January 2022).