How to cook steak with mushroom sauce

Add vinegar to the water into a bowl

Put the steaks and let it sit at least one hour

During the period that the steaks in the water,prepare the mushroom sauce.... Put a butter in a frying pan

Add sliced mushrooms and stir until they are lightly browned

Add the cream

Add starch dissolved in water and stir the ingredients

Add the salt,pepper and stir it for 2 minutes

Sauce now is ready

After the end of the period that the steaks been in the water,directed by then sprinkle salt and pepper

When the oil is just about smoking , put the meat into pan... You should hear an audible sizzle

After few minutes, check the underside of the steak to see how the sear is developing

When the cut is well seared , flip it and wait a few more minutes depending on the thickness of your cut and how long the sear took to develop

If you see that steaks needs a little of salt you can sprinkle them after you finish

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