How to make butterscotch candy

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Small pan. Heat it up!

Place chocolate chips in bowl. Place on simmer.

Put butterscotch chips in. Put about half as much as in the picture unless you LOVE butterscotch.

Little under a tablespoon of butter.

After it starts to melt, place the butter into the pan and stir.

Keep stirring.

And keep stirring.

Then put a tiny bit of water in to loosen the mixture up.

Turn off stove and let the mixture cool down a little. Then put onto a cookie sheet.

Place into the freezer.

Leave it there for about ten minutes.

Take out of freezer.

Get a metal spatula.

Scrape it off.

Rip it up and put it on a plate.

Enjoy! :D

Watch the video: Old English Butterscotch Recipe 1934 (January 2022).