How to cook borsch

-Cut the beef in small cube -Put beef cube in boiling water for 1 hour -Remove beef cube from boiling water

Prepare vegetable

-Cut potatoes in small cube -Cut cabbage in small pieces

-Add cabbage and potatoes to boiling water

-Peels vegetable

-shred 3 beets and 1 carrot -cut 1 onion in small cube

-Fry in a frying pan shredded beets, carrot and onion for 8-10min

-Add everything to boiling water and cook for 30 min more - at the same time add the fourth beets (don't cut), vinegar, sugar and salt -After 30min remove the beet and add beef -It's ready to serve

-Serve with a spoon of sour cream

Watch the video: 羅宋湯 一 簡單做法 . Hong Kong Style Russian Borscht Easy Recipe (December 2021).