Radio: Kitchen Tool Drawer

You can save a lot of time around the house by having just what you need stashed where you need it. Usually, that's the kitchen drawer. But how to keep it from becoming the dreaded “junk drawer”?

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Start with the basics: a hammer, a pair of pliers, an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver with interchangeable bits. You'll also want a small tape measure, a torpedo level, and a utility knife. And you may also want a pair of wire cutters and a good pair of scissors. Keep a good collection of nails, screws, and picture hanging hardware in there along with the all-important string, wire, rubber bands, batteries and quick-drying glue.

Keep your tools organized, like in a flatware tray that you can take out and wash, to minimize the junk factor… or a caddy you can load up with the tools for the task. Sometimes the best toolbox is the one that's closest. (That is, as long as the rest of the family puts things back where they belong!)

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